The Last Sleeping Bag You’ll Ever Need?



So what’s the problem with your sleeping bag? For starters, all-season outdoors people can’t make do with just one. You need your bag to be warm in fall/winter/spring, but cooler in summer. You want a roomy fit – something an ultra-light mummy bag doesn’t always deliver. And you want the warmth and compressibility of down, but also the all-weather versatility of synthetic. All this means you probably need two or even three separate bags.

But not if Kammok has its way.

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The subject of a just-launched Kickstarter campaign, Kammok’s new customizable sleeping bag is still in the prototype stage. The Thylacine can become any bag you need it to be, due to its interchangeable baffle system and width/footbed size adjustments.

The bag employs a user interface where you can choose your shell material (Ultralight or Expedition) and fill material (synthetic PrimaLoft Gold, water-repellent goose down, or a hybrid of both) and the amount and placement of baffles depending on how much insulation you need. A locking feature keeps the baffles positioned in each chamber to prevent cold spots.


The Expedition bag shell is made from a Kammok-developed fabric called DART (Dry Advanced Respiration Technology). DART fabric offers some of the most waterproof and breathable advancements on the market.  DART is powered by eVent – a patented membrane that allows vapor to vent from inside the bag while keeping wind and water out.

Kammok Founder and CEO Greg McEvilly recently tested a Thylacine prototype in the mountains of Patagonia:

“Our first night was spent in the valley of El Chalten where the temperature reached a low of around 40°F. One layer of synthetic baffles created a 40°F bag and kept us warm. However, a 25°F bag would have been uncomfortably hot. The second night we made camp near the glacier where the cold wind came down off glacier. The lowest temperature that night was around 20°F – and it was sleeting/windy. By simply adding a second layer of baffles in each chamber, we created a 25°F bag. Another layer of synthetic baffles would bring the rating to 0°F. In owning the Thylacine bag with three layers of baffles, you actually have 4 complete sleeping bags in one.”

Kammok is a member of 1% for the Planet.