Snowmageddon: The best week in Blue Mountain's History (are the trees too tight Kutcy?)

For those lucky enough to ignore work for one more week after the Christmas holidays, they were rewarded. The week of January 6th, 2014 began with a 25 cm dump on top of an unprecedented amount of snow. Then came another ten. Then cold temps kept it fluffy and light until the end of the week. All the local photographers and filmers jumped on the chance to get out there. Even Glen Harris pulled out the old DSLR to catch this classic sequence of local legend Scott Kutcy skiing some of Blue Mountain‘s latest and greatest ‘in-bounds’ terrain (Kutcy will argue some thinning is still needed). Richard Roth shot a Max Hill line that became instantly legendary and Kyle Easby skied a line that took him right onto Georgian Bay for my camera.

The photos from last week will continue to show up in both local and national channels. The smiles will continue through this “January thaw,” and if our prayers to Ullr are answered, we’ll be doing it all again next week. Pray for snow! And heal up quick Kutcy!