Sketchy Andy’s Shoe


Five Ten’s Action Outdoor Line of footwear is made to inspire you to drop the remote and evacuate the couch.

Designed for slacklining, BMX tricks, freeride and urban biking, the highly versatile Line King is the perfect choice for people who live the outdoor life. From flat pedal bike riding to the hair-raising highlining, the high-topped Line King is all about fun, performance and technical advantage.


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Five Ten recently introduced the special edition Andy Lewis Line King, named for the famed trickliner, highliner, slackliner, BASE jumper and rock climber. “I use the Line King for climbing rocks, trees, buildings, and whatever else I fancy,” says Sketchy Andy. “They have the durability I need for freestyle biking, the support necessary for BASE jumping, and friction even a highline free soloist can trust. Choose your line, and be the king!”

Here’s Sketchy Andy explaining why he loves what he does, and why he wouldn’t tour with Madonna: