Friday Flick: The Backyard Project

Justin Lamoureux at the 2010 Olympics. Photo courtesy
Justin Lamoureux at the 2010 Olympics. Photo courtesy

“Our society deems whatever we have is never good enough,” says pro boarder Justin Lamoureux in his blog. “Marketing is built on this concept. Action sports offer this in droves. Magazines and videos are filled with far off and exotic destinations. You surf in California? You should head to Hawaii. You’re from Hawaii? You need to head to Indonesia. Deeper and further, something is better over there. Biking, climbing, kayaking, kiteboarding, skiing, snowboarding… We’re all fed by the industry that somewhere else is better. We’re fed a dream that is unrealistic to the masses. Helicopters filming helicopters? Multi-month long travelling trips? The industry has glorified the unattainable.

I’ve lived in both Squamish and Whistler for 12 years, and while it could be called the hub of the winter sports industry, even here: ‘you need to head to Alaska. Or maybe Europe.’ We have all forgotten what can lie in the backyard.”

Lamoureux celebrates and explores his Squamish backcountry in this revelatory film series, The Backyard Project. Here’s the latest episode:

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“From my backyard, I can see 30 different mountains. My goal is to ride them all in a single season.” Rising from sea level to 9,000′ these mountains are rarely visited during the winter. Follow along as Lam tries to ride them all in a single winter. After riding 9 of 30 mountains in episode 1 (below), the coastal weather starts to play its hand in the project as Lamoureux continues to discover new lines in his backyard.

Justin Lamoureux is sponsored by Arc’Teryx and Whistler Blackcomb.