Friday Flick: Snow Circles

Artist Sonja Hinrichsen made these snow drawings with the aid of five snowshoe-wearing volunteers near Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado. Steamboat Aerials‘ remote-controlled Quadrocopter Cinestars captured the moment.

“It is important to me that my work reaches beyond the mere beauty of art, and also stimulates reflection,” says Hinrichsen. “As an artist I feel the responsibility to direct attention to subject matter our society neglects or denies, including adverse impacts to the natural environment, social inequality and injustice, and human exploitation.”

She describes such large-scale works as “interventions or rituals that I perform in the environment. The traces left in the environment are non-permanent and any evidence will be erased by nature. While I like to unfold my work in large immersive experiences using digital media, I am not interested in creating lasting art pieces, as I believe that our world is over-saturated with man-made products.”

See stills from her shoot here.

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Photo courtesy Steamboat Aerials.
Photo courtesy Steamboat Aerials.