Friday Flick: The Crash Reel

The rivalry between half-pipe wizards Kevin Pearce and Shaun White is the backdrop to this shocking ride into the world of extreme snowboarding. With both practicing more and more dangerous tricks leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, it all suddenly changes for Pearce when a crash leaves him with a traumatic brain injury. When he recovers, all he wants to do is ride his snowboard again…

Kevin Pearce, post accident. Photo by Embry Rucker. Courtesy

The Crash Reel, directed by Lucy Walker, traces Pearce’s journey from an ambitious 8-year-old to the pinnacle of his sport, to an incident that would change his life forever at just 22.

“I guess the most shocking piece of footage is the crash itself,” said Walker in an interview with HBO; “it’s very eerie and strange that somebody just happened to catch this accident. It’s perfectly in the middle of the frame and you can see the whole thing. You can see Kevin’s life flipped on its head quite literally in that moment. I don’t feel happy about it because it’s such a grotesque, sad piece. That’s what the film’s about though, so in terms of the storytelling, it’s remarkable that we have that footage.”

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Geoff Andruik Photography.
Geoff Andruik Photography.