Friday Flick: Inside the World of High-Risk Riding

The Red Bull Rampage showcases some of the world’s most dangerous freeride mountain biking. It may not inspire us to actually ride these insane lines, but it sure makes compelling video.

Kevin McAvoy interviewed some of the riders about the fear factor:

Cam McCaul: “The best way to mentally prepare for Red Bull Rampage is to climb up to a high place and just stare down at the ground. It’s like exposure therapy for the insane vertigo you’re about to experience at the top of the course. Also, I have a little workout program I’ve been hitting every morning. You want to be strong going into Rampage because it’s a week packed full of riding, hiking, and digging. You don’t want to be worn out by the time the finals come.”

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Mick Hannah: “This is a first for me so I’m just trying to stay calm. Obviously, it’s going to be huge! That’s making me a little nervous for sure, but I feel like my riding is in a good place right now. I’m just running the old fundamentals through my head, focusing on the kind of precision that’s needed to land such big jumps smoothly.”

Casey Groves: “Red Bull Rampage is a very high-risk event compared to most of them. I just want to build my line, ride it to the best of my ability and go home safe with a smile on my face at the end of the day. I have been riding DH trails, massive freeride jumps and the famous Kamloops ridgeline in preparation.”

Kelly McGarry: “It’s the scariest weekend of the season for sure, so I like to take extra time to think about features I want to hit. Approach speeds and lines have to be perfect or you will end up in the meat wagon!”

Watch the full show on NBC as part of Red Bull Signature Series on December 21, 2:30 p.m. ET.