Cheers: To the New Year ahead

Friends, fires and good times. Cheers to a great 2014

New Year’s: I’ll admit it. I’m not a fan. But as I get older and the years seem to fly by, I’m willing to give myself the luxury of reflecting on the last 365 days. But why? What’s the point? Am I really going to draw up a list of resolutions that will probably go embarrassingly wrong in the next 30 days? Am I going to announce my ‘big life-changing plans’ that will make 2014 the best year I’ve ever had? No, no I’m not.

Maybe there’s a better approach to this whole New Year’s tradition? Maybe instead of starting over, New Year’s is a chance to remember some of the awesome moments that went down in your world, and make a very subtle, very simple pledge to make even more of those happen this year.

Honestly, that’s my goal. So here it is: A shortlist of moments that were pure gold this year, moments of quality and joy that are back on my playlist for 2014.

I remember making toast over our gas stove at Cyprus Lake and drinking perked coffee from camp cups before hiking to The Grotto.

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I remember keeping our five year old up late enough for Canada Day fireworks.

I remember the moment we realized our girl could paddle a SUP on her own.

I remember trying to tame those whitewatery waves in Sauble Beach and taking a paddle blade to the head. I remember watching friends catch their first waves and sharing their joy.

The sun goes down on another great year…

I remember backyard bbq’s and cold beers and hearing stories from buddies that I’ve heard a million times before. I remember laughing at them like it was the first time.

I remember biking at Three Stage with a great new friend. I remember thinking how fun  making new friends is, even at 40.

I remember seeing my girl in her first BMX race—I remember ordering pizza on the beach and driving home in pajamas.

I remember this season’s first snowboard runs and a frosty Christmas morning spent on brand new terrain with my perfect little family.

I remember jumping in the snowbank after a starlit hot tub.

And I remember the excitement of gearing up for New Year’s Eve fireworks at Blue Mountain with a great group of friends.

These are simple moments—but these are great moments and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Friends, family, memories, laughs and outdoor adventures. These are the things I look forward to in 2014: Happy New Year to you all.


One thought on “Cheers: To the New Year ahead

  1. These reflections are some that hopefully we can all share at some point in our memories of 2013. I will take your new pledge with you – to make more in 2014. This seems more doable that losing 40 pounds, exercising at a gym 6 days a week, and not eating carbs. Cheers to that.

    Happy New Year.

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