Why Food and Water Must Come First

Aggressive, large-scale quarrying and irresponsible development on Ontario’s Class 1 farmland doesn’t make sense from any perspective but that of short-term mega-profits for the heedless few. Threats to our farmland and source water must be addressed – this is not a complicated argument. We must work together to preserve what we still have, and this begins with informed conversations. Thanks to Mountain Life contributor Jason van Bruggen and his colleagues at Food and Water First, this is an option.

The van Bruggen–directed video above is a visual statement of intent for F&WF’s mission to preserve prime farmland and source water in Ontario. It is a collaboration between DOT DOT DASH/Studios on Sustainability, cultural historian Stuart Henderson, actress Rachel McAdams, and a number of the farmers and chefs including Brent Preston of the New Farm, Carl Cosack of Peace Valley Ranch, Dave Vander Zaag and Michael Stadtländer of Eigensinn Farm.

You can take action starting here.

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And here’s another van Bruggen video, “People for Food and Water”:




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  1. We need a commitment from our government to make fresh food and clean water a priority for Ontarians both today and for future generations. First Nations’ wisdom as espoused by Greenpeace says “When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, and the last fish dead, we will discover that we can’t eat money”. Please ask your MPP to prioritize food and water first.

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