Terramar Smartsilk

Terramar‘s Smartsilk baselayer makes an ideal shoulder-season wicking layer for days when you’re not fighting extreme heat or cold. Smartsilk is rated warm – 1.0 by Terramar’s internal rating system (2.0 is warmer, 3.0 is warmest). Ideal for damp, blustery autumn (or spring) conditions.

Terramar's Smartsilk base layer.
Terramar’s Smartsilk base layer.

Smartsilk’s Drirelease “silk” is in fact a patented micro-blend hybrid of silk, spandex, nylon and polyester that enhances the performance of synthetic fibers while maintaining the look, hand and feel of natural fibers. Body mapping gives a seamless contour fit. 

We’ve tested a lot of synthetic “silks” and Terramar’s comes closest to the incomparable softness of the real thing. But unlike the real thing, Smartsilk won’t wash out or wear out. 

Check out Terramar’s full line of performance base layers here. Available at Red Devil Sports, Skiis & Biikes, and Sporting Life.

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