Friday Flick: Among Giants

“If we hadn’t tree-sat, the forest we’re in would look very similar to this,” says an activist known only as Farmer as he gloomily surveys a clearcut of what was formerly a redwood forest near Eureka, California. Farmer and others took to the canopy and fashioned “treehouses” (mainly boards with tarp ceilings) high off the ground and occupied a tract of old-growth redwoods slated to be clearcut.

“It’s not just about this one place, it’s about this whole area and really about the whole planet,” says Farmer. He and his comrades tree-sat for three years. This short produced by Rainhouse Cinema takes you up the trees and into the activists’ precarious, rain-drenched, heroic world.

SPOILER ALERT: Last year, Green Diamond Resource Company sold 1800 acres of the McKay Tract to the Trust for Public Land. Farmer’s tree-sit was triumphant. Legendary Scots-American conservationist John Muir would be proud.

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