Two Words: Warm, Dry

Waterproof down is the winter gear breakthrough of the last few years, and numerous tech apparel companies are stepping up with their offerings. Some have developed water-repellent down, where the feathers themselves are treated so they do not absorb water. For its Floodlight Jacket, OR housed untreated high-loft 800+ fill European goose down inside a waterproof, breathable Pertex Shield fabric and constructed the baffles with bonded seams. So the down stays pristine, and you stay warm and dry.

Women's Floodlight.
Women’s Floodlight.

Available in women’s and men’s models, the Floodlight repels wet weather, completely blocks the wind and traps body heat in even the most inhospitable conditions. An ideal jacket for hiking, climbing or ski-touring in sodden environments, throwing on the Floodlight is a surefire way to stay protected and comfortable wherever you are.

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