Perfect Balance



The new Five Ten Ascent is the ultimate lightweight performance shoe. Built on a brand new midsole-outsole package with the perfect balance of traction for hiking, rubber-on-the-rock for climbing and stability for everything from biking to cruising your longboard, the Ascent features a breathable mesh toe and high-friction Stealth S1 rubber soles. This classic “approach” shoe boasts the lightest, strongest, best-performing kick available. An innovative medial and lateral arch support add torsional stability and mid-foot support, while the 2-piece molded EVA midsole ensures your ride is magic-carpet smooth.


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One of Five Ten’s secret weapons is STEALTH rubber technology. STEALTH formulas result in extremely durable soles and rands that can take the most brutal terrain in the world. Five Ten founder Charles Cole often wondered why the climbing rubber in the 1980s was inadequate (one best-selling shoe at the time utilized old airplane tires for soles). Working with leading scientists and experts in the field, Cole started developing STEALTH high-friction rubber in the mid-eighties. STEALTH S1 revolutionized climbing due to its tenacious grip and durability. The original Five Tennies created the approach shoe category, providing climbers with traction and sure-footed dependability on approaches and descents. Athletes soon established STEALTH as the benchmark in high-friction footwear. There are currently nine STEALTH compounds, each formulation offering distinct tuning attributes. Athletes can now pick the best rubber solution for their specific sport.

This year The Gear Institute presented Five Ten with a Best of Show Award for STEALTH MI6, proclaiming it a “game-changer…Having felt the compound, it’s incredibly sticky and gummy – like no other climbing shoe rubber we’ve ever seen…it ought to smear like a beast. We can’t wait to see what it will do for blank walls that are currently thought of as unclimbable.”