Goggles, Re-engineered

An entirely new style for 2013, the OUTPOST goggle is an anchor of the ZEAL collection. Blending together a mid-size frame with a re-engineered inner fit for more visual clarity, OUTPOST is your go-to goggle for balancing a performance shape with cool design. The hinged handles on either side, known as outriggers, allow you to easily adjust the goggle position (especially when wearing a helmet) without touching the lens. ZEAL’s innovative polarization and UV technology protects eyes from sun damage while enhancing colour.


Neutral tones and denim as well as some retro textured patterning allow OUTPOST to stand out without shouting.

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» Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
» Impact Resistant Frame Technology
» High Density Lens Technology
» 100% UV Protection
» Helmet Compatible
» Dual Strap Adjustments
» Optimum (TM) Lens
» Polarized Gunmetal