Friday Flick: Arctic Lightscapes

“Around the polar circle, light occupies a very important role, especially in winter,” reports Anneliese Possberg, the German director of Arctic Lightscapes. “During the freezing months the sun creeps only along the horizon providing long hours of this tender twilight that occurs before sunrise and after sunset. But the nights are even longer and then another light brightens up the sky: the aurora borealis. In this film I wanted to show how individual the northern lights are: they may dance very fast in a frenetic rhythm or explode in a red-purple firework or they may just glow greenish over the starry sky, vaguely distinguishable by the human eye. The footage was captured in Greenland; Norway (on the Lofoten islands and in the Troms region); Iceland; and Finland.”

More of Possberg’s work on Vimeo here.

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