Bruce Kirkby's Churchill River

With travel to over 80 countries, and more than 2000 days of expedition travel, Bruce Kirkby’s journeys include the first modern crossing of Arabia’s Empty Quarter by camel, a descent of Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge by raft, sea kayak traverse of Borneo’s northern coast, and a 37-day trans-Iceland trek.

His photographic clients — both commercial and editorial – include Patagonia, Lululemon, TimeOutside, and NG Adventure.  His photography was selected by National Geographic as among “the most compelling adventure images of the decade.”

Kirkby’s photo essay on Canada’s under-explored wild places appears in our fall print issue. Here we present some bonus shots of his recent canoe trip to northern Saskatchewan, which he describes as “an endless swirl of lakes punctuated by occasional outbursts of Canadian Shield, jack pine and black spruce.” Kirkby and team paddled the Churchill River, the history-steeped “river of lakes” and main water passage to the Northwest.

BKirkby_Aug2013_Churchill_Card1_289 BKirkby_Aug2013_Churchill_Card1_727 BKirkby_Aug2013_Churchill_Card1_758 BKirkby_Aug2013_Churchill_Card2_1341 BKirkby_Sep2013_Churchill_Card4_282 BKirkby_Sep2013_Churchill_Card4_351 BKirkby_Sep2013_Churchill_Card4_466

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