“Great Things Are Done When Men & Mountains Meet”

The great William Blake penned that phrase in 1808. Fast forward a mere 205 years and this quote comes to life in sharp focus in Wrangelled, a ski short by Will Lascelles, Jase Hancox & Jason Thompson. Exploring untouched places on skis imparts a deep connection to one’s self and surroundings, especially in the St. Elias National Park of Alaska — one of the wildest places out there. In April of 2013, 4 friends ventured into a remote section of the 13.2 million acre (that’s no typo) park to live on a glacier for 2 weeks, setting up base camp in the center of untouched terrain. What they saw and what they found are the things outdoor dreams are made of: brilliant night skies dancing under the Northern Lights, deep powder, steep chutes and camp-bonding that lasts a lifetime between friends.