Questions for “Sorgelhoff”, aka Freerider Kurt Sorge

Kurt Sorge during the filming of 'Where The Trail Ends' in Turpan, Xinjiang, China. Copyright John Wellburn/Red Bull Content Pool.
Kurt Sorge during the filming of ‘Where The Trail Ends’ in Turpan, Xinjiang, China. Copyright John Wellburn/Red Bull Content Pool.

B.C. freerider and Teva athlete Kurt Sorge burst onto the Freeride scene in 2008 when he finished 2nd at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT. Since then, he’s focused mostly on big mountain riding and traveled the world in search of the most epic lines imaginable. Last year he was featured in mind-blowing MTB film Where the Trail Ends.

Here’s an excerpt from Teva’s interview with Kurt:

TEVA: What do your friends call you?
KS: Sorgelhoff.

TEVA: Haha. Where’d that come from?
KS: I got it a few years back filming for New World Disorder, and now everyone calls me that or “Hoff” for short.

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TEVA: How’d you first get into Freeride Mountain Biking?
KS: Just biking to school every day.

TEVA: Why did you decide to go pro?
KS: I used to watch biking movies, and I wanted to do the same things as the guys in those. Now I do.

TEVA: What’s the coolest place mountain biking has taken you?
KS: Nepal.

TEVA: Not a bad business trip. What’s your proudest achievement so far?
KS: Where the Trail Ends, a new film I worked on [see below].

TEVA: It looks epic. What was filming of that like?
KS: It was pretty scary. We were in the most remote places in the world.

TEVA: What’s the worst injury you’ve had in your career?
KS: I’ve broken my collar bone, some ribs, bruised my spleen…

TEVA: That sounds pleasant. What do you do when you’re not on the bike?
KS: Boating, dirtbiking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, surfing, traveling, playing…

TEVA: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
KS: Flat tires.

TEVA: What’s the craziest story you have from the road?
KS: It’s hard to pick just one…every trip is an adventure in one way or the other.

TEVA: Good point. Got any words of wisdom for everyone out there?
KS: Just giver and hope for the best.