OR’s Magic Fabric

For any adventure – whether linking peaks in the Charlevoix, ripping in Whistler or paddling through a Great Lakes storm – comfort is tantamount to satisfaction. That’s why performance fabrics have such a big premium for outdoor athletes.

Outdoor Research’s drirelease® is an ideal fabric for keeping you comfortable across varying conditions, seasons and activity levels. Depending on its fabrication, this performance fabric dries four times faster than cotton and Merino.

This is a magic fabric that breathes, wicks and dries more efficiently that other fabrics. But there are no potions, spells or topical treatments about it. The secret is built into the fabric.

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So what is it?

Because drirelease® is a fabric blend, rather than a topical treatment, the latent qualities can’t be washed or worn out like polypropylene or other treatments and materials that lose their lustre with every wash. Since drirelease®’s secret is part of the fabric’s makeup, it alleviates the need for treatments that can also be harmful to the environment.

The science behind drirelease® is simple, but brilliant. drirelease® fabrics are made up of 85 to 95 percent polyester and 10-15 percent secondary natural fabrics. What’s more, it is a blend made at the fiber level, which means each individual yarn is a blend of fibers rather than a blend of fabric types within in the entire garment. This fiber-level blend offers the optimum combination for moisture management and bacteria growth resistance.

The natural reaction these fabric types have with moisture – when blended together – create the benefit.

Synthetic fibers are hydrophobic, meaning they are water-hating and don’t absorb moisture. The secondary natural fibers are hydrophilic, or water-loving, which means they will absorb water. Blended together in just the right way these two fabrics work synergistically – the water-loving fibers pull the moisture away from your skin while the water-hating fibers continue this movement away pushing moisture towards the surface.

Outdoor Research has three types of drirelease® blends: drirelease® Cotton, drirelease® E.C.O. and drirelease® Merino. More on these magic threads here.

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