Mountain Biking Afghanistan?

The last place on earth you’d consider for a mountain bike trip is Afghanistan. But, this July, Secret Compass did exactly that: a 12-day ride through the Wakhan Corridor.
“There’s trekking in the area, with 150 westerners going yearly,” says managing director Tom Bodkin, “but it was the first time anyone had done it by mountain bike.”
Once part of the Silk Route, the singletrack trails cover 165 miles over five 14,000-foot passes.
But is it safe? Bodkin, a former Captain in the British army who trained afghan forces, says it is.
“You cross into Afghanistan, from Tajikstan, right in the neck of the Wakhan Corridor,” he says. “You’re not really in what I’d call mainland Afghanistan. You avoid, by quite a long way, all the trouble spots.”
The guys from Anthill Films and Bike Magazine tagged along on the trip. The result: this stunningly shot 13 minute documentary of what has to be one of the world’s toughest trails.