Columbia's Omni-Freeze Zero, Tested

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Photo courtesy

One of our gear testers, Richard Taylor, recently tried out Columbia’s new Omni-Freeze Zero technology during a vigorous racquetball game where he sported the Total Zero Short-Sleeve Tee. “Nothing unusual until breaking a sweat,” he reports. “The degree of exertion had a direct effect on the cooling impact of the shirt. It was noticeable and pleasant. It was like a cool breeze or standing in front of a fan. Its performance was sustained during the entire 60-minute-plus match: it didn’t lose any perceivable performance once a sweat was broken.”

So: it’s like walking around with a cool breeze following you. What better way to combat heat exhaustion? Columbia’s Omni-Freeze Zero shirts recently won Gear of the Year from National Geographic Adventure. Available at [email protected].

Columbia Women's Total Zero V-Neck Tee.
Columbia Women’s Total Zero V-Neck Tee.


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