The Best Food in Bruce County

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and claim it: Casero is Bruce County’s best restaurant. Yes it’s a double decker school bus in a gravel parking lot in Sauble. But Casero in spanish is homemade. And EVERYTHING here is home made. The salsa, the tortillas, the guacamole is all done by hand. There’s no processed food in any of the recipes. Meaning it is all incredibly delicious. And if you’ve spent any time in these parts you’ll know that everyone keeps asking the question: “When is someone going to open a Mexican restaurant?”
It has finally happened. It’s been open for just over two weeks.
And the best part? The guy grilling corn behind the bus sends it up through what is affectionately known as the ‘corn hole.”



2 thoughts on “The Best Food in Bruce County

  1. I have to agree on all counts. they also try to source a lot of their ingredients locally, which means the delicious whitefish comes fresh from Georgian Bay. the sad thing is knowing I may never visit Kincardine, Port Elgin or Southampton again… not while Casero is open for the season.

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