Give Thanks and Praise: Haole Revisited

It took me a week to finally get on the newly rebuilt Haole trail. And as I dropped in my iPod shuffle started playing Burning Spear’s Door Peep Shall Not Enter. The chorus of the tune repeats, “Give Thanks And Praise.” And as I whoopped it up, all the way down this beautiful new sculpture of dirt, literally laughing from the sheer fun of it, that’s exactly what I was doing: giving thanks and praise.
Berms, jumps, walls, rollers, this trail is a seriously good time. Yes, as always there will be haters, and yes I’ll agree the flow starts to fall apart towards the end of the trail, but it’s nothing a couple thousand tires and a bit of moisture won’t smooth out. There is nothing to hate on here. This is, for real, a trail to be thankful for.
Thank you Blue Mountain. Thank you for building the funnest roller coaster of a trail Ontario has ever seen. Thanks you Gravity Logic for furthering my addiction to downhilling.
My helmet is off to you. (But it’s going back on right now, because I’m just about to get off the top of the gondy and pedal over to Haole again!)