ZEAL Optics Kennedy: Never Crude

ZEAL Kennedy Sunglasses  $149

With a subtle cat eye and hidden spring hinge, the Kennedy seamlessly transitions from the bike trail to the beach. The Kennedy also boasts the world’s first and only plant-based lens: e-llume.

At present, ZEAL produces all their sunglass frames with Z-resin, a plant-based material that uses castor oil, eliminating crude oil from the manufacturing process.  With the new e-llume lenses, ZEAL will become the first company in the world to lead the way towards removing crude from sunglass production. “Castor represents a renewable resource,” says plant and soil scientist Dr. Dick Auld of Texas Tech University. “We commend ZEAL for taking the initiative to use a product that not only increases their sustainability, but also maintains the high quality of their product.”

ZEAL Optics’ bio-based lenses offer protection from UVA, B, and C and can identify and block a negative light range called High Energy Visible (HEV) light (also known as “blue light”). This was recently cited as a possible cause of cataracts and macular degeneration. The e-llume lenses contain a special hard coating for scratch resistance, along with an exclusive high transmission polarized film for increased eye protection from harmful rays.

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