WTF? Shale Beach Closed?

This absolutely sucks and anyone who lives in the area, or has visited in the past 100 years should be totally irate about this sign and what it means. The shale beach is a mainstay for the region: fisherman, windsurfers, beach goers, surfers, and anyone with lungs, LOVE this beach. It’s free. And that’s the freaking beauty of it. According to local legend Roger Klein, the Ministry of Transportation is closing the beach after zero public consultation. Well let’s stop this affront to our human rights. Send an email (or 6000) to the following addresses and let them know how wrong this is! Now who has a sawzall I can borrow?
Duncan Mckinlay [email protected]
Ellen Anderson [email protected]
John Fisher (Ontario Parks) [email protected]
Liane Fisher (MTO) [email protected]
John Trude (OPP Inspector) [email protected]
Glen Murray (Minister) [email protected]
Jim Wilson MPP [email protected]