WTF? Shale Beach Closed?

This absolutely sucks and anyone who lives in the area, or has visited in the past 100 years should be totally irate about this sign and what it means. The shale beach is a mainstay for the region: fisherman, windsurfers, beach goers, surfers, and anyone with lungs, LOVE this beach. It’s free. And that’s the freaking beauty of it. According to local legend Roger Klein, the Ministry of Transportation is closing the beach after zero public consultation. Well let’s stop this affront to our human rights. Send an email (or 6000) to the following addresses and let them know how wrong this is! Now who has a sawzall I can borrow?
Duncan Mckinlay [email protected]
Ellen Anderson [email protected]
John Fisher (Ontario Parks) [email protected]
Liane Fisher (MTO) [email protected]
John Trude (OPP Inspector) [email protected]
Glen Murray (Minister) [email protected]
Jim Wilson MPP [email protected]


18 thoughts on “WTF? Shale Beach Closed?

  1. If you read the story on the Simcoe County Website – the beach isn’t closed just the ability to drive your car down to the shore.

  2. I got engaged at this beach – it’s such a wonderful spot to visit, relax, read, swim, paddle—etc
    It’s a public DIS-SERVICE to close this beach

  3. Town of The Blue Mountains being morons.They say that the shale is being damaged by cars,trucks with rubber tires.Hundreds of years ago they tried drilling for oil through this shale and couldn’t bust through it to get to the oil.But rubber tires are going to damage it???They complain about garbage being left there?Try garbage cans.Portable washrooms would be another bright idea.40 plus yrs I have lived in the area and it boils down to tax dollars.They are not making anything off this property,close it.

  4. We moved to Blue Mountain a year ago. One of the things we love to do with our family in the summer is go to shale beach for a swim.I don’t understand why driving up to the water is an issue. Every time we have been at the beach it has been so pleasent. Closing the beach acess is a big mistake. Please reconsider your actions it’s a great public area.

  5. I’ve lived here for 32 years and slowly freedom to the water is taken away or
    Like every entrance into Wasaga is a charge of $20 a day to park.
    This is an outrage to locals and visitors that will think twice about coming back.

  6. This beach is a family favorite and should be open for everyone to enjoy! Who do you people think you are!!’n

  7. If there is anything we can do to help reverse this, please let us know. We enjoy this beach and can’t believe the goverments, local and provincial, would be this irresponsible!

  8. This is over the top, beyond what anyone should be allowed to get away with. This is our public area for tax payers of Collingwood. How dare you take it in your own hands and make this kind of decision without any kind of pre debate. Further more, who’s benefiting from the closures besides the camping property next to it. This should not happen, never should one person be allowed to make this kind of decision, PERIOD. This is our property for Collingwood folks.

  9. The campsite doesn’t even want this, they have no parking area to accomodate the amount of traffic that beach gets on a weekend.

    Terrible unilateral decision, the blowback is coming.

  10. We are life time residents (60 Years) of Craigleith and can’t believe this is being done to the shore where the guys have gone to fish for ever. It is one of the few remaining spots that you can fish from easily for those who have limited mobility. They soon had better quit advertising Craigleith fishing as it will be a thing of the past. We go by that area every day for work and there is no more garbage there than council beach or pease marsh beach (both on Hwy 26), though these places have garbage cans and portable toilets that are maintained so why can’t our shale beach have these as well. Yes they say you can still access from the park, for their price, butif it is ministry beach, why haven’t they been maintaining it and why is there a sign that says Provincial Park Boundary?

  11. I saw them putting up posts along the entrance today. Very sad to see. I hope everyone takes the time to sign the petition against this closure. We don’t want to lose access to our beautiful water!

  12. I inquired at the MPP’s office as to why the beach is being closed. They were in the dark about it. I called the Premier of Ontario’s office with no answers. I have called MNR. 3X they promised a call back with answers. Nothing has happened to date. Is some government official pulling strings to appease a friend or worse…graft?

  13. signs are up and after 40 years myself going to this spot they have once again taken freedom away. We all know they will never take the sign down its a way to show control. The worst part is the ones behind it all, are they from the area and how much of a kick back did they get. Next you will see fill being trucked in for a new condo site.

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