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Climbing on ice is pretty rad—it’s the one thing humans do that no other animal can. And that makes this a very rad photo indeed.



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This is a place to start but also a place to finish. A welcome mat and a wave goodbye. We recommend you read it twice not because you might have missed something the first time (Leslie Anthony does sometime use obscure words), but because it will have more meaning the second time around.

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When we first conceived of the feature on p. 46 (“A Failure of Reason”) about the myriad efforts being made to raise awareness around pipeline and tanker routes on British Columbia’s coast, we had no idea how many of these there stories there would be. Soon enough, however, even we needed a map to keep track, and so we had mapmaker and graphic artist Chris Brakley formally draw out the battle lines in the fight to save B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest. After all: you can’t know the players without a program.

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This section offers up a miscellany from across the country and around the outdoor block: is permafrost the ticking climate-change time bomb?; four great places to stay for self-propelled recreating; the uplifting endeavours of Canada’s Sherpas—and the even more impressive feats of real Sherpas; the Hankin-Evelyn ski area in Smithers, B.C., trots out a new model for backcountry skiing, a round-up of outdoor-focused art and artifice; and a look at outdoor media new and old.

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