Suz Graham BASE-jumps the Chief

Canadian-born Team Five Ten member Suz Graham – a pro all-mountain skier, skydiver, wingsuiter, speedflyer and one of the world’s most prominent female BASE jumpers – fell in love with the mountains at a young age.

“In just the 6 years I’ve been BASE jumping I’ve seen so much progress in the sport,” says the 26-year-old on her blog. “It’s a really cool time to watch things evolve with new technology in gear, ultra-lightweight parachute systems, and new wingsuit technology especially – it really opens up some doors for exploring new terrain….Some of my all time favorite jumps have all had some other adventure aspect incorporated into it – like climbing a desert tower to get to a jump, or skiing a line into a BASE jump.”

Suz Graham BASE jumping in Thailand. Photo courtesy
Suz Graham BASE jumping in Thailand. Photo courtesy

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