129 Banff Avenue


Like many an acolyte, I distinctly remember standing outside Monod Sports on my first trip west, eyes fixed on the window displays, a kid in the kind of candy store Toronto didn’t have. I eventually moved to Banff for a winter, buying a pair of skis and my first real climbing rope at “Monod’s,” as it was known to locals. Today, entering Canada’s oldest family owned and continuously operated ski shop seems like the same wide-eyed pilgrimage it was in the ’70s and ’80s when Banff was the Mecca that drew eastern skiers west. A veritable outdoor department store, still every bit the cutting-edge specialty shop with one-on-one service it was meant to be. The past hovers here as well; tucked into corners and stairwells are historic photos of Monod glory, replete with race bibs and trophies, skis and other memorabilia. There are especially heartfelt tributes to paterfamilias, Johnny Monod…”

If you want to hear how Johnny and his family of ski-racing kids and freeskiing granddaughter have impacted Canadian skiing, you can start by reading Leslie Anthony’s feature on this formidable family.


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