Song We Like: “45’s and 33’s”

Picture a dusty basement with an ancient wood-veneered stereo console in the corner by the lime-green sofa. Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.47.26 AMTo your surprise, the console lights up when you turn it on. You pick out a platter, drop the needle, and the song lights up the whole room; suddenly you’re in the middle of an ecstatic dance party. This is the feeling evoked by local songsmith Drew McIvor‘s new single. With “45’s and 33’s” he proves his mastery of sunny hooks and compulsively hummable melody.

The video by John Brownlow (assisted by ML contrib Nelson Phillips) captures Drew and his lively session players and singers in full joyful flight. With elements of acoustic-cafe, folk-pop, and vintage ska, the tune’s lyrical evocation of old vinyl records’ “static and pop” is a thing to be treasured and replayed again and again. Available for download on CD Baby and iTunes.

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