Share the Road Rage

This is crazy. Why the EFF is sharing the road such a difficult concept? Why do people in pick-up trucks (I hate to stereotype, but this one fits) have such a hate on for cyclists? Have you experienced this around here? Share your story with us…
And to those that can’t stand cyclists, chill out. Hit your brakes, exercise some damn patience and when there’s room, go around. It’s simple. Don’t be stupid and don’t threaten the life and well-being of people that are out there having fun. Seriously people.


2 thoughts on “Share the Road Rage

  1. I live on Fairgrounds Road and so have a lot of experience with this issue. There would be a lot less hatred for cyclists if they actually rode single file. They don’t. In particular, they don’t ride single file going up blind hills and by doing that they force cars far over into the opposing lane on a blind hill, which endangers motorists travelling with kids, like me. I would have no issue with the cyclists at all if they actually rode single file. Seeing as they don’t, I have a very big issue with cyclist and would like the police to start ticketing them whenever they don’t ride single file.

  2. Oh boy….
    Brendan, if you have kids in the car maybe slow down a bit. You can be a good role model and parent by staying alive and also by not threatening anyone else’s life. I understand your issue, however bicycles are considered vehicles by the Highway Traffic Act.It outlines the laws that all road users have to adhere to. Bicycles can take up the entire lane if it’s necessary. Lift your foot off the gas pedal for ten seconds and pass them when it’s safe for everybody. Your kids will appreciate how much more relaxed you will be become. No cyclists will die. Everybody wins.

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