Classic Hike: Blue’s Cascade Loop

This scenic up-and-down hike from Blue Mountain’s South Base Lodge boasts unparalleled views of Georgian Bay and the Escarpment.
Level: Intermediate
Length: 3 kilometre loop
Duration: 1 hour
Trailhead: 44°29’53.54”N 80°18’26.81”W

From the South Base Lodge start hiking up the hill towards the tree line on the left side of the hill. You will see signs to the left of the Southern Comfort chairlift. As you get closer to the tree line look for a trail marker. The trail cuts left into the trees. The trail follows a creek all the way up, making for a beautiful hike. It crosses bridges and finishes at a cascading waterfall. Follow the markers to the top. Turn right at the top and hike north across the top of the hill. Follow the Bruce Trail along the top.

You can descend via the Village Way Trail that takes you through the lush forest (the Happy Valley Trail is closed for hiking this summer, but Blue will post an alternate route). Hike to the bottom of the hill and head south, through the Village and back to the South Base Lodge.

Map by Aaron Roininen.
Map by Aaron Roininen.

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