They came even though they weren’t quite sure what the night was going to be about. After all, it’s hard to explain in a couple of sentences how 8 different personalities will share their mountain experiences in a multitude of ways. It wasn’t just multimedia, it was multi-authentic, and it turned out to be what one writer said is “the most underrated event at the WSSF.”
“Each of the speakers brought a different facet of mountain life… well, to life with the help of videos, photographs, and their own voices,” said Aaron Peart on the WSSF blog.”For future years at WSSF, the focus should be on these grassroots presentations. Multiplicity ought to have a bright future, and Sunday evening set the bar high for future speakers.”

The bar was set incredibly high by none other than Charlie Russell, Mr. Bear Extraordinaire. Charlie spoke about his intimate encounters with these gentle giants during the past 51 YEARS of his life, with treasured photographic proof to back up his claims of high-fiving grizzlies in the wild. His is a life that many of us would love to have lived, and Charlie let us all in for a glimpse of his life’s work and dedication to helping humans better understand bears.

“Here’s my take on the Mountain Multiplicity Show,” said blogger/real estate agent Magee Walker. “Take some of our community’s most colourful and inspiring people—an in a town FULL of colourful and inspiring people (that’s saying something) and bring them together to tell their stories. Add in a few out-of-towners with stories that will knock the socks off even the most adventurous Whistler locals, and you’re good to go. I left the event feeling completely inspired. It feels awesome to be a part of a community of such awesome people who love playing and exploring as much as I do. THIS is what Whistler culture is all about!”

Stay tuned for the next installment of MULTIPLICITY 2014. The bar has been set high, but these are the kind of people who can leap over that bar with grace, humility and of course authenticity.
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