Andy Wright Wins Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown

22 For 16 years now, a sold-out crowd has had the pleasure of seeing the world’s best action-sport photographs from 5 of the world’s best shooters all under one roof (and on some damn big screens). The connection between audience and photographer is what makes this event so unique, as for once the photographers get to introduce themselves and their body of work in front of a live, captive audience — rather than just a photo credit on a page. The judges went against the grain of the crowd this time and picked Andy Wright as the winner. Their decision caused no ripples of derision however, as Wright’s show was filled with banger after banger of primo action, mixed in with the soul and spirit of skiing and snowboarding.

Of course it’s always hard to scribble notes while staying glued to the eye candy on the big screens, but here are a few notes from of each photographer’s show.

Oskar Enander
Beautiful moody landscapes, action shots superbly lit with and oozing with texture. Ski and snowboard from Alaska and Engelsberg, Switzerland. Enander is one of skiing’s top shooters and he showed us why.

Bryan Ralph
Ralphie showcased the most diversity, wowing the crowd with bike, base, ski , snowboard , action and alpenglow and ended his show with likely the best single image in the entire competition — a beautifully haunting cliff drop huck over massive icicles and falling snow.

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Chris Burkard
Took us around the globe from hot to cold, ice to northern lights…. Nicely paced show with amazing surf action and as a result, easily filled the big glass jars with the most ping pong balls and took the People’s Choice Award.


Darcy Bacha
Definitely the first time the crowd has ever seen fly fishing before, sandwiched between urban snowboarding and backcountry skiing, Bacha showed passion in sport and the solitude of nature, as well as last year’s incredible Powder magazine Photo Annual double page spread cover.

Andy Wright
Mixed in some humour and concrete carnage, serious urban road gaps and excellent night photography and some banger pow slashes to end the night. Likely won because of his many timeless classics.