Running Across the Gobi Desert

If you’ve read the book The Long Walk, or seen the movie The Way Back, then you know crossing the Gobi Desert on foot is a bad idea (although it’s still preferable to living in a gulag!). Well one of Toronto’s BMX new-schoolers (or is he a mid-schooler now?), Jamie Burke is about to do just that. He’s entering the Gobi March, a 7 day, 250km self-supported foot race, crossing China’s Gobi Desert.

What would possess you to do something like this? Well having recently lost his grandfather to cancer, he’s doing it to raise money to end prostate cancer and challenge himself.

“Being able to support and raise money for a cancer foundation so close to home emotionally will be a truly gratifying and touching experience,” says Burke. “I purposely chose this endurance race to be my first ever marathon to relate, on a metaphorical level, to the intense and unexpected battle cancer victims experience.”

You can’t argue with that. And if you’ve seen this kid blast on a BMX bike (see below), then you know he’s up for the challenge.

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If you want to help Jamie on this inspiring and daring endeavor, head on over to Race to Raise.