MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoe

We tested the MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoe on some steep local trails today.

This is the lightest shoe we’ve ever tested, by far. You can feel the increased springiness in your step. It’s also the grippiest on icy trails, with both crampons and traction frames (rather than non-gripping tubular frames) clawing into the toughest terrain to keep you climbing, fast.

These shoes are also modular: you can add 5-inch flotation tails (sold separately) to keep you afloat in deep snow.

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The binding consists of four easily-cinched “PosiLock” straps that never slipped or loosened on our journey.

For snowshoeing the Bruce Trail in winter, you won’t do better. For even more speed and stability, try the SureLock T-3 lightweight trekking poles which telescope down to store in your pack. MSR snowshoes and poles available at MEC.