Tremblant Revisited

Planning a ski trip in the east these days isn’t easy: it seems to be either raining and 12 degrees or puking and -29. It’s hit or miss. So when planning our annual family ski vacation the destination has to offer more than just slopes. This year we chose Tremblant. And even though it rained the entire night we arrived, it was still awesome. With direct flights from Toronto via Porter airlines, you cut out the epic drive and arrive in Tremblant in one hour and five minutes from downtown T.O. Awesome.
So what is there to do at Tremblant other than ski? Tons.
While we’re too old to spend a drunken night at Le P’Tit Caribou, the village offers more than ever in terms of restaurants and entertainment. The always awesome brewpub La Diable continues to pour incredible pints and solid pub fare. There’s a mexican restaurant, a creperie (yum!) and food for every taste bud.
There’s free tubing at night, skating and xc skiing, dog sled rides, a kids’ club daycare and a ski school program with some of the best instructors in the east (thanks Linda!).
And if it is raining, (or -29) there’s an amazing waterpark for the little ones.
With Montreal merely a two hour drive from Tremblant, you can’t help but feel the city’s influence; the girls are cuter, the food is better and the joie di vivre really out-cultures anything Ontario has to offer. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the skiing is awesome. It’s 6.5 times the height of Horseshoe! And has steep tree skiing! Of course it puked over 20cms the day we flew home, but we’ll be back to Tremblant…