The Dakar: the Coolest Race of All Time

While I’m not much of a motorsports enthusiast, there is something about the Dakar rally that I absolutely love. It was way more badass when it actually went from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal though. Riders and drivers were sometimes kidnapped, or hijacked by Tuaregs in the middle of the Sahara, but it’s still a damn great race since moving to South America five years ago. And it moved simply because the Sahara is so dangerous.
But the Dakar must go on. 8000 miles in 14 days is no easy feat. The sheer logistics of the race are mind-boggling. Trucks, bikes, quads and cars all battle in some of the harshest terrain the planet can throw at them. Awesome.
Unfortunately finding somewhere to watch it is the trickiest part. My latest success combines UnBlockUs with this Australian site. Works a treat. I get my daily half hour does of the greatest race of all time.