Final Grape Harvest Today

The planets finally aligned (well the temps did anyway) today up at Georgian Hills vineyard for the last of the 2012/13 grape harvest. Three rows had been waiting patiently for the magic temperature of -8C which is the prime time for sugar concentration in the grapes for Vidal (don’t call it ice wine!).
Volunteers quickly stripped the vines, and because the temps rose with the sun, the majority of the grapes won’t be pressed until later tonight, when once again, the magic -8 is expected.


4 thoughts on “Final Grape Harvest Today

  1. Not sure why the comment “don’t call it ice wine”. Isn’t that the whole purpose of waiting until the temperature is -8C? If it’s not Icewine, is it late-harvest?

  2. Fred is right – I just learned the difference today. Unless the brix measures a minimum of 35 degrees, a concentrated winter harvest wine cannot be called “ice wine”, but may still be considered a “late harvest”. Last year (when this was posted) was so warm that the grapes yielded a slightly less dense syrup, making true ice wine difficult to achieve. This year’s harvest should be perfect.

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