25 Opening Days at Blue

How Does This Year Stack Up?
by Allison Davies
It’s been a crazy early winter season across Ontario this year, and it left me wondering – has it always been like this? To be totally honest, although my family has been uber-involved in the local ski industry for over a decade, I can never remember from one year to the next if green grass in early December is normal.

As I get older, I catch myself telling those dreaded stories about the harsh winters of the past. You know the ones about walking to school barefoot, uphill, in waist-deep snow? I decided to look back at the facts to see where this year’s December 12th opening date stacks up historically. Thanks to Blue Mountain’s Collin Matanowitsch for digging up these stats.

Obviously an Opening Date doesn’t tell the whole story. This year, you have to admit that the December 12th opening is largely thanks to the marvels of snowmaking technology.

What was it like back in 1987 when the resort opened on November 27th? We’d love to hear. If you have a great opening day memory as you look back over these dates, let us know in the comments section.

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The earliest opening date in the last 25 years was November 25; Blue Mountain opened on this date back in 1989/90, in 1995/96, and again 2000/01. The latest opening date (during the 25-year period) was December 26th back in 2001/02.

Meanwhile, a quick look out the window lets us know the weather is finally cooperating in the Georgian Bay region and a White Christmas is, thankfully, in the cards. Get out on the slopes and enjoy it!

Opening Dates from 1987 to 2012

1987-88 November 27
1988-89 December 10
1989-90 November 25
1990-91 December 8
1991-92 December 6
1992-93 December 11
1993-94 December 3
1994-95 December 3
1995-96 November 25
1996-97 December 1
1997-98 December 12
1998-99 December 19
1999-00 December 18
2000-01 November 25
2001-02 December 26
2002-03 December 4
2003-04 December 5
2004-05 December 15
2005-06 December 7
2006-07 December 8
2007-08 November 30
2008-09 November 28
2009-10 December 12
2010-11 December 9
2011-12 December 17
2012-13 December 12