Classic: Kolapore Loop

You should really have a trail map before you head into this labyrinth of trails, but if you don’t here are the numbers to this classic loop. Head across the road from the parking lot and enter the trail system. At your first intersection (18), go right. Follow this trail upwards to intersection 57 and go right. This is called Kolapore Church Trail.

At intersection 56 stay to your right. When you get to intersection 21 hang a left down this fun downhill section. Hang a left at intersections 55, 24. Now you’re on the Paradise Highway trail. At intersection 54 go left and take the long boardwalk over the swamp. At intersections 16 and 52, stay left. Cross over a wooden bridge and get back to intersection 18. Hang a right here and voila, you’re back at your vehicle.

Description: A mixture of flowing fun trail and challenging technical sections. A trail map is essential as the trail system is complex with close to 60 intersections. Maps can be purchased for a minimal fee at the Ravenna Country Market.
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Length: 5 kilometre
Duration: 2 hours
Trailhead: 44º25’23”N 80º24’20”W