Top Ten Places to Get High in Grey County

With the fall colours in full swing here in Grey County, there’s no better time to get high. The higher you get, the more colours you’ll see, it’s as simple as that. Here’s our guide to the best places to alter your mind in Grey County. Happy trippin! Number 2 is coming on Thursday…

Old Baldy
Parking: 44° 23’32”N 80° 31’07”W
Old Baldy is an absolute classic viewpoint. A short hike leads you to the top of a massive cliff face, where views of the Beaver Valley extend north and south. Follow the Bruce Trail and combine it with the Mac Kirk side trail to make a short loop.

Parking: 44°30’47.77”N 80°22’28.46”W
For a great view of Georgian Bay, the hike at Loree will get you to a solid vantage point. Follow the double-wide trail from the parking lot all the way to top of Georgian Peaks ski hill. It’s about a 25 minute hike.

Metcalfe Rock
Parking: 44°25’0.81”N 80°26’37.02”W
A great place to get in the woods, Metcalfe Rock features a cliff band that is always home to rock climbers. An easy hike to the top of the cliff will reveal spectacular views of the valley and if you want to explore more, get yourself a Kolapore map from the Ravenna General Store to check out the extensive trail system here.

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Scenic Caves
Parking: 44°29’15.58”N 80°18’59.39”W
While zip-lining may not be the best way to appreciate the fall colours, it is a great chance to release some serotonin. Combine all that with the great view points at Scenic Caves (both on the suspension bridge and from the top of the Escarpment), and you’re sure to find some incredible mind altering views up here.

Eugenia Falls
Parking: 44°18’49.77”N 80°31’26.12”W
An easy walk to the falls reveals a great view of the valley below and the endless array of colours the forest produces this time of year. This is a photographer’s dream location, and it’s easy to see why.

Skinners Bluff
Parking: 44°47’22.11″N 80°59’46.39″W
There aren’t many viewpoints that have been photographed more than Skinners Bluff. Located a short hike in on the Bruce Trail, this is an incredible place to see the colours and Georgian Bay in all their glory.

Bighead Valley Lookout
Parking: 44°30’23.61″N 80°44’25.80″W
This one’s simple. You barely need to get out of your car. Simply pull over to the side of the dirt road (2nd Concession South just south of 29 and west of Walter’s Falls), for an incredible view of the Bighead Valley. Rolling hills spread out before you all the way to the bay and provide tons of techni-colour visions this time of year.

Blue Mountain High Ropes
Parking: 44°30’6.42”N 80°18’49.64”W
Blue Mountain’s newly added Timber Challenge, is an elaborate structure that soars up to 50 feet high, with 75 aerial elements – suspension bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines and much more – built into the tree canopy. It’ll get you up close and personal with the colours of fall.

Epping Lookout
Parking: 44°27’26.44″N 80°33’14.03″W
Another easy one to get to, this is at the intersection of Grey Road 7 and Sideroad 19. With views into the the Beaver Valley and right down to Georgian Bay this a great and easy spot to hang out and enjoy the scenery.

Colpoys Bay Lookout
Parking: 44°48’3.08″N 81° 1’16.38″W
Just off the shoreline of Georgian Bay’s Colpoys Bay, this is an incredible vantage point for viewing the colours of fall both across the Bay and all around you.