The Heart of Darkness: Going Up the Amazon to Ski

When it comes to storytelling in the ski movie genre, it’s hard to argue that Sweetgrass Productions is killing it. And in this piece, with the infamous Ptor Spricenieks along for the ride, you can bet the story will be epic. I once had the pleasure of sharing a gondola in Gulmarg, India with Ptor, and will wholeheartedly agree that he is the weirdest man in skiing. And if you’ve ever been on his mailing list, you’ll know that he’s a diehard conspiracy theorist. But he is also one of the most hardcore mountain men Canada has ever produced. These webisodes are teasers to the release of Solitaire, a film that has taken two years to produce and is set to release in the fall of 2012. And you can bet it will be awesome. Check out the other teasers here.