Expensive Flying Object at Lion's Head: The Quadracopter

Working with Brian Hunt is always a treat. He’s always got the latest gear with him, or brings people who do. Whether he’s shooting with a Canon C300 or the RED ONE, you can bet his footy will be the best. Over the last two weeks Brian and I have co-ordinated an exhausting shot list and he dragged out the guys from Flying Fish Productions and their Quadracopter. Definitely one of the coolest things I have seen in a long, long time. And once the 25 knot winds died down at Lion’s Head with Leslie Timms, it was nuts to see Chritian flying this $20,000 toy over the edge of the 175 foot cliff. We’ll link to the footage as soon as we have it online.


One thought on “Expensive Flying Object at Lion's Head: The Quadracopter

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