Blue Mountain DH MTB Opening Day Review

We were hard at work this morning checking out the DH trails at Blue Mountain. So how are they? We only had time to get on Haole, Embryo, Raisin Bag, Fresh Air and the Collector and there are only 8 of the 15 trails open so far. We talked to a trail builder and they only got two days of “dirt work” in, and while that dirt work is a bit dry and crumbly in spots, the trails are running great. Not too wet, not too dry. Many will be stoked on the swollen lips on Haole and the North Face feature is running perfectly this season. There’s a strange split on Embryo, make sure you go left or you’ll end up on the XC trail The Grind, which, as the name implies, sucks on a DH bike! Hopefully more signage will appear there over the next couple of days. Haole had us hooting and hollering, and we’ve got to hand it to Blue for getting the show on the road right quick this year. Thanks to all that put in the work to make it happen. DH season is on! See you out there all weekend long!