Ontario Sasquatch (Now with Video Proof)

Whether you’re a skeptic or a total believer, one thing about sasquatches is hard to believe: that there are Sasquatch in Ontario. But if you check out ontariosasquatch.com, well, perhaps, you can be convinced.

Dedicated to providing a place for witnesses to share their experiences, the site is serious about proving the existence of the sasquatch. An interactive sightings map for all Ontario lists 74 sightings. From as far back as 1906 in Cobalt, to as recently as 2010 in Lake Superior Provincial Park, each sighting is quasi-scientifically investigated, and the site operators interview each witness when possible. While some sightings are obviously weak cases for the sasquatch’s existence (“hearings” more than actual sightings), others are, well, up to the reader to decide.

Locally there have been three sightings: Dundalk in 1987, Markdale in 1995 and St. Thomas in 2007. The latter, on the Elgin Trail, is perhaps the most convincing.

“I saw this thing coming down and it had reddish hair,” says eyewitness Shaun C. in an interview with sasquatch artist Pat Barker. “It had a conical shaped head. It didn’t have a neck. The head seemed to be right on the shoulders. It had a hunched back, long arms and a very easy gait. It was either ignoring us or it didn’t see us, because it was walking with a purpose. It was a very easy lope. I mean it didn’t hesitate. It just came down the hill, crossed the creek and up the other side, and it vanished.”

Barker goes on to conclude, “I think Shaun is telling the truth. He was credible and consistent in his descriptions of the location, the event, and the creature. In addition, Shaun is a trained professional in the health care system, and holds a position of trust and responsibility at his place of employment, and within his community.”

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Sure, this doesn’t prove much, but it makes a person wonder what the hell Shaun could have possibly seen.
At more than a million square kilometres, it isn’t hard to imagine that something could hide in Ontario’s wilderness. Many of Canada’s First Nations peoples have their own versions of the sasquatch; the Ojibway and Cree call it the Manasoocan, which roughly translates as, “tall hairy man-like thing with red burning eyes and a very bad smell.”

Formed in 2006, Ontario Sasquatch had five founding members and now has members throughout the province, all volunteers. Investigating all reports with interviews and field visits, the group maintains that while they are curious about the many eyewitness sightings, they are also skeptical – and sympathetic to those who see the elusive creature.

“We understand that when a person sees something that isn’t supposed to exist it can be a life-changing experience. Not only is there a shock factor involved, but there is often ridicule and disbelief from family and friends if they talk about their experience. We’re here to help those who contact us.”

Here at Mountain Life we’ve got one question: do you have something to confess?


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  1. Hi
    Yes, there are certainly a lot of sightings in Ontario, and many close to human activities, and habitation. We currently have a sightings list of close to 300. Many are not published as we are actively in the field, looking for more evidence. You mention Lake Superior Prov. Park. We have seven reports for the area, and further south, plus track photos that our investigator took, after we had asked him to check a sighting location, several days after a road crossing sighting. 2012 is proving to be a particularly active year for sightings.

  2. The history of sasquatch / bigfoot sightings in Ontario date back for more than 100 years of sightings and encounters from some very credible people. I have personally met people who have gave me very detailed descriptions of large bipedal creatures seen in Southern and Northern Ontario and many are witnesses that are NOT interested in reporting their encounter to protect the creature and also to protect their own credibility. It seems that for every encounter reported, there are at least 30 others that are not reported in Ontario.

    Thanks to websites like http://ontariobigfoot.com/, it seems more witnesses are starting to feel more comfortable about reporting what they have experienced.

    I would like to encourage anyone who feels they have seen a sasquatch / bigfoot or strange bipedal or quadrupedal creature, please report your experience to the team at http://ontariobigfoot.com/. Our team is also interested in hearing about other strange activity such as mysterious rock throwing, tree knocking, stone clacking, “wet dog” type odors or strange activity that could be attributed to an unclassified animal of Canada. Your name and contact information will not be made public and will remain under strict confidentiality.

    They only way we will learn more about these creatures is through the stories from people that were lucky enough to experience them.

    1. Thanks, Shawn. We’re pleased to be part of this conversation. For years we had assumed that Bigfoot was a Western (or Tibetan) phenomenon.

  3. Living in grey county, I have a hard time believing that Bigfoot could live undetected in such a populated area as Dundalk. The area is completely farmed with exception of some conservation lands and in winter the snowmobiles are everywhere. Plus, there are no reports of secondary evidence such as sounds or tracks.

    I would love to hear to the contrary.

  4. j ai vue des trace de pas géante nous étions deux personne au passe dangereuse dans nord du canada saguenay lac st jean moi j ai essayé plusieur fois de communiqué a d autre et j ai recu aucune réponse c est domage car j ai bien vue ses traces et je vais m en souvenir longtemps de T.G BIEN A VOUS

  5. The reason their is no photographic evidence is because they don’t exist for example the giant squid was thought to be a legend even in the vast expanse of the ocean depths this creature was proven to exist by fisherman catching them and showing excellent pictures and clear images not blurred or to far away and yes finally researchers filmed them and caught them scientific proof of their existence for all to see see .on the other hand bigfoot roams our forests hundreds of terrible photos taken distant blurred videos yet not one killed on a highway or for that matter shot by someone. Lmao

  6. I’ve seen a bigfoot, not more then 20 feet from me. I talked to it thinking it was a hiker or just a person. It was standing directly on the yellow line of highway 9 Creemore area, the moon was behind it, so I could clearly see the human shape. I was gathering wood in the ditch across from our home.It didn’t reply, after about a minute of what’s this person doing staring at me I walked straight towards it, when I got close it turned and ran full speed directly into the heavy trees in pitch black. Right after wolves began howling and barking in that direction.
    It was very strange, I’m almost glad I didn’t have a flashlight.

  7. The picture above looks like a person with a backpack, wearing a tuque and either snowshoeing or cross country skiing, in either case using ski poles. From personal experience, if the pack is of any considerable weight, even hiking using two hiking poles, the gait could easily resemble a Bigfoot type gait. The poles would not likely be visible from the seemingly considerate distance the picture was taken. Believe what you want, but we shouldn’t be to quick to label things “sasquatch”. It doesn’t do the “Sasquatch cause” any good.

  8. I have been following bigfoot sightings for a long time in ontario. And have even had unexplained sounds and footprints myself

  9. Interesting; I always thought Ontario (especially the northern regions) would be too cold for sasquatch. I’ve always thought they mainly resided along the Pacific coast. I’m not sure how vast the Lake Superior Provincial Park is, but like another commenter said, much of the “rural” Ontario regions consist of farmed land. It would be quite difficult to hide without public detection for so many years. I would also expect there to be many more pictures and videographic evidence procured from these “sightings”.

  10. I find it very hard to believe in stuff like this,but hey stranger thinks have happened.If such a thing is in existence,i truly hope man never gets a hold of it.He;ll have to kill it to see how it functioned.Animals or be it creatures that are on the extinct list are no threat to society.Its the mammal that walks on two legs called humans that are the destructible,ruinous,mischievous,fatal, and deadly creature you have to worry about.Man won’t be happy till there is nothing else to kill or destroy,Its a sad fact.

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