Beaver River Eats One More Canoe

With ski season coming to a close rapidly (although skiing in 20 degree weather is pretty awesome), the rivers are high and the whitewater season is here for a short window. Greg Sturch and the boys from Northwinds skis got out on the river and together with ML editor Colin Field, proved that the Slabtown dam IS runnable in an open canoe.

Mike Wheatcroft and Aaron Roinenen however proved that the river is not to be messed with; their canoe is still underwater up near the Beaver Valley Ski Club. If you do decide to get out on the water, be careful out there, and make sure someone in your group knows the river. There are some dangerous spots out there that have taken boats and lives in the past.

Check out the Sturch video here, complete with Slabtown drop at 5:04.

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2 thoughts on “Beaver River Eats One More Canoe

  1. Looking to do the Beaver from Heathcote down. Can you connect me with someone who know the river. Is it mostly class 2 or more, known dangerous spots, decent maps etc.
    Thanks so much, David

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