Mountain Life Challenge: 16 in 1

Have you ever considered just how many sports you can do in our Georgian Bay backyard? The potential of the area is unreal. So we took a GoPro helmet cam, four adrenaline junkies and one willing journalist to try to answer the question: How many sports can you pack into a single day?
Armed with an ambitiously long wish-list of activities and the simple goal of doing each for a 30-minute minimum, our crew of Cory Davies, Dave Scott, Shawn Letton and Dwayne O’Reilly met at the Tomahawk pitch and putt at 6:30 a.m. In addition to the time criteria, each of the four guys had to be able to ‘do’ each sport legitimately. It sounded easy enough, but you’ve never seen four snowboarders play a game of tennis so willingly, yet so badly.
Allison Kennedy threw together this edit of the day’s activities. Think you can do better? The proof is in the pudding. Send in your videos of your 17 in 1 day!

Mountain Life Multi-sports Challenge from Allison Kennedy Davies on Vimeo.