Foodstock's Message? To Hell with the Mega Quarry!

While it didn’t get the press of the 1000 people that showed up at Occupy Bay Street, Foodstock was an amazing success. An estimated 30,000 people showed up just outside Honeywood, Ontario, to protest the development of a mega quarry and eat some damn delicious food. A minimum ten dollar donation got you free samples from notable chefs like Micheal Stadtlander, Jamie Kennedy and Grey County’s own, Shawn Adler. Musicians Jim Cuddy, Hayden, Sarah Harmer and Romney Getty helped concentrate the main message of the event: We don’t want no stinking Mega Quarry here!
Perhaps the best news from the event is Stadtländer contends Foodstock may become an annual event to encourage social involvement. He has hinted that a larger event may be in the works for next spring. Bring it on! I’ll bring my appetite!


One thought on “Foodstock's Message? To Hell with the Mega Quarry!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Colin. Folks in the Bay area are becoming aware of the threat poised to the south of Blue and Collingwood. The waters, from high in the headwaters in the Shelburne area actually run NORTH via the Beaver, Saugeen and Nottawasaga Rivers, so the Bay’s water is definitely at risk if this proposed MegaQuarry were ever to go ahead. Highland/Baupost plans to dig a hole 200 ft below the water table, deeper than Niagara Falls, requiring them to ‘manage’ (control) 600 million litres of our pure water DAILY…FOREVER! Thanks to you for covering this – and Stadtlander for bringing it to 30,000 Ontarians through food and music. WE must all work to make sure no MegaQuarry will EVER be on prime foodland or on Watersheds or Aquifers. Can we stand another Walkerton, magnified many, many time larger???

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