Snakes on a Peninsula

I’m not gonna claim this as fact, seeing as the info came via e-mail, but here’s what the rumour is. It is claimed this rattlesnake was killed just outside Wiarton. It’s not really news that there are rattlesnakes in the area, but I have never heard/seen them get this large. The other tidbit of info claims that rattlers are no longer rattling, meaning it’s easier than ever to get bit by one. Whether any of this is true or not is totally debatable, but we’d love to hear from you if you have more info than us.


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  1. Sorry folks….this is a hoax!! I grew up in Wiarton and visit my family regularly. If this story were true, it would be front page news: it’s not. Trust me. It’s a small town and news travels, but there’s no news of this.

    The e-mail makes reference to pig farms in the area. There is no pig farming in area. The last (and only) pig farm near Ferndale stopped operations MANY years ago. The Bruce is primarily cattle farming.

    The rocky expanse of the Escarpment is home to rattlers, but nothing like this! A snake that size would need a climate suitable to grow to such a size. The harsh climate of the Bruce definitely isn’t ideal! I’m guessing this is from the Southern states somewhere.

  2. I had my doubts for sure. Thanks Fenn. I thought the beer can was a dead giveaway… that would be a Maclay’s if it was actually Wiarton right?

  3. uh… total hoax. Eastern Diamonback rattler, held out toward camera at the end of a long snakestick. Classic trick. A HUGE Massassauga Rattler would be 80 – 90 cm.

    Though the guy does look like a Wiarton hoser for sure…

  4. Great, as if out of town atv’ers weren’t bad enough, Now I’ve Bear hunting Rattlers to deal with too.

  5. I am not so sure, because that guy looks like someone I used to go to high school with up there. Definately familiar.
    Also there are lots of people who have all kinds of snakes for pets that they can’t keep in their pens as well. Just like anywhere.
    So I kinda think this one is true.

  6. That person who deems to be an expert on Wiarton and area needs to go look for willy and his shadow. There are farms with pigs on them up there. What the heck???? Maybe no big operations but lots of farms with pigs on them.

  7. Has anyone seen the SPAM based email going around the past few years stating that this snake is from the Bruce Peninsula area? Made me laugh the first time, then kind of be concerned that some people might believe it. Then it gave me a great idea! A blog post on “Myths of the Bruce”. Stay tuned, I have some funny ones. PS: I just attended a great Wiarton ECO-Shores display on facts about rattlesnakes. #1: they are very dosal #2: they don’t grow that big. Oh, and The Bruce Peninsula National Park has a snake information show for kids featuring FLUFFY the rattlesnake. 🙂

  8. I have video footage of a rattle snake this large just north of wiarton. I am from this small town and have seen quite a few around 4′. This 6’2″ (“6′”) rattler isnt hard to believe. Always keep an eye out!

  9. Haha not true if they are claiming this as a natural wild rattler from around the Wiarton area. I also heard they claimed its 6ft 2. Buddy must be short then. Cause if hes even 5 foot tall that snake has two~three feet on him.

  10. Growing up I spent many years in the bush in northern Ontario. I have seen things on occasion that people told me didn’t exist. Once I saw a large black cat near Seabright . It was bigger than a bob cat smaller than a panther . I made eye contact with it an it ran. The people who say these animals don’t exist are usually people who never venture into the woods. This could be a hoax we will never know

  11. Yo wiarton expert guy at the top. [Edited by ML Staff] Loads of pigs all through that area. Maybe you don’t know what a pig is. And as for the snake. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen rattle snakes in different areas on both sides of Georgian Bay. Small and large. Oh ya, and pig farms too.

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