Canadian Tire Goes To the Mountains

Here’s the story: Kari Medig and Steve Ogle convinced Canadian Tire to give them $1500 worth of “ski gear.” Then they headed into the backcountry, pretending to be a couple of Darryls from Manitoba. The results and reactions are predictably hilarious.


5 thoughts on “Canadian Tire Goes To the Mountains

  1. awesome guys…how in the hell did you keep a straight face when talking to all those people?! Last quote is the best…’I think we’re gonna hit Pizza Hut on the way home— we’ve been hitting all these other huts so might as well keep it going’…hilarious!

  2. Kari and Steve are local Nelson boys and always up for a good adventure – hard to believe they could keep a straight face throughout things, had no idea Canadian Tire gear was so technically advances – good value for the money!

  3. “Did you hurt your knee or something?” Classic. I never thought of using plastic egg containers to transport timbits.

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